Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My daft youngest daughter.

This is my youngest daughter who thought it extremely funny to get into the Tesco bag for life!!! I actually picked her up and carried her around she thought it was hysterical!!! Then my 11 year old wanted a go.....!

Good evening this evening. I managed to chill and play with glass without any pressure of got to make something! Don't get me wrong I have really enjoyed prepping for the big bead show but there is something to be said about just being able to let the creative juices flow! Saying that little creation occured mostly practice. I am trying to perfect my encasing technique. I made about 6 or 7 encased beads and 1 maybe 2 is what I would call vaguely acceptable! It's all about practise and I am just plodding along and practising!

I have managed to get some stock up on my website this evening as well so go on over and take a lookie!



  1. You but them lots of toys and the bag/box is the best! My son is currently having lots of fun with the big box a delivery recently came in, great fun.

  2. I know mad isn't it:-) We had a huge box about a year ago and it was the best toy ever for weeks! I actually considered going to Argos and buying them the home moving stuff (cardboard boxes) etc for Christmas presents cos they had so much fun!!!