Sunday, 2 November 2008

Rainbows and pots of gold!

So much to catch up on! The pictures I have posted are of the really vivid rainbow that we had for about an hour on Friday evening I have never seen such a clear and bright rainbow the picture does not really do it any justice! This picture is of the rainbow out to sea off Margate and the one below is over tha airport at Manston! it was truly gorgeous people were pulling over in their cars grabbing camera phones and taking pictures it was that beautiful. I love rainbows! That sounds quite lame but there is something about them that always makes me feel really good! Nature is truly beautiful.

Other news: I did it!!! I went to the Big Bead show and sold some of my stuff!!! I had a fantastic day I met so many people from the forums that I belong to and I am really sorry I am completely crap with names but you all know who you are. It was really nice to meet you all! And it was lovely to make new friends as well. I also met lots of "old" friends and again it was really nice to catch up.

Overall I think yesterday was very successful. So much so that I have left the form requesting a stand next year! Yes there is a substantial outlay but the networking and advertising I managed to do yesterday can only be good! I hope I get a better position next year I felt a bit out on a limb but....saying that when I went for a walk about there were a few areas that were "scary" very busy with lots of jostling! At least I had some space around my stall so that people did not feel crowded. I have a couple of pictures but they need to be downloaded from my camera so I will post them later!

Final piece of news after deciding to stop making jewellery I have changed my mind! My beads are still my focus but I have decided to do the jewellery party thing still! Same decision as before, not to many just 3 or 4 per year but I have a group of customers who I have built up over the last year that I am not tapping into and after working so hard to get them I should be concentrating on keeping them so I am. I am changing my "tact" a little and I hope they approve. Sounds very enigmatic but all will become clear!

I am very tired today so it is a quiet day for me! pottering about the internet etc! Time for a cuppa!!!



  1. Glad you had a good time - I'll take a leaf out of your book and do one next year - promise :o)

  2. Do it!!! The networking and gossiping was fab! sold well but cos of cost of show i did not made huge amount of profit but had some website sales from it already!!!! so all good!:-)

  3. Really had a good day myself, I was really happy to meet you and I felt like we were old friends, so glad you did so well and onwards and upwards, eh!! ;0D