Sunday, 16 November 2008

Jens pind chain maille

I love chain maille and tonight have finally managed to get my head around the jens pind weave! This is a gorgeous weave and I think will rapidly replace byzantine as my favourite. That said they are the only 2 weaves I do at the moment!!!
Last night went well, my friend joined me to have a go on the torch. She did 5 beads and they were cool, the last 2 were fab, lovely puckers and everything so I think she may be back to have another go! She bought some of her jewellery with her and I am trying to persuade her to bring some to my party on 5th Dec.
I was supposed to be playing on the torch tonight to make my set of beads for the Beads and Beyond competition (which has published my letter this month!!!) but the jens pind got me and now I have run out of jump rings and can't make any more!!! Poo!!! Now it is too late to fire up the kiln, so it will have to be tomorrow night now!
Oh and the hotel is booked for the "Flame Off" in April just waiting for the tickets now!!!
Right ho time to go...

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