Friday, 28 November 2008

OMG Earache really hurts!!!

I have, for the first time ever, got a really painful left ear! It started yesterday afternoon whilst I was teaching and literally took my breath away. It feels like a stabbing pain every couple of minutes! It kept me up all night, 2am I was taking paracetamol for the pain. Just got home from the Doc's and he says it is not an infection, he had a right good look! Thinks that it is likely that I have got congestion from a cold (when??) and it has blocked my ears and throat which is why it hurts to swallow as well.
Now being a nurse I know all this, ears nose and throat are all connected, I knew it was not an infection really cos I have had no symptoms and this is probably where the problem lies. My speciality is cancer and I always go for worst case scenario so obviously in the absence of infective symptoms I have gone for a diagnosis of brain tumour! Now I feel a complete prat and a wimp cos I have taken the day off sick and really should I have done.
There is no denying I am in acute pain and every 2 minutes or so I get a massive stabbing pain which honestly could make me cry (I am a wimp as well!) but really a day off sick??? Actually yes! I have had this blasted headache for 8 or 9 days now and with that and the earache I feel quite justified in taking a day off, I am feeling proper cruddy!
Good news... Savannah is better having spent 2 days with spectacular temps of above 40C. Like I said the other day the amount of bugs going around is untrue!!!
What else can I share with you all...Only a week to go to my jewellery party and I spent last night making more stuff. I have just finished my first Jens Pind bracelet and am well chuffed with it! Blasted weave can be quite troublesome but once I got into it it seemed to go ok! I will pop some pictures up later on my website so you can see what I have been making so go take a look:
Mmm...what else! You know what I am in so much bloody pain I can't think so I am gonna sign off for now! I think a nap may be in order then some pictures!

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