Wednesday, 26 November 2008's Wednesday and it's my day off.....

I am lovin' Wednesdays. Even though it has not panned out quite the way I wanted it to I love my day off! it breaks the week up beautifully and I get a day to chill. And today it is even better...Savannah is poorly (not that that is why today is good!!!) and I have not had to take a day off work to be with her! I know it is not the best way to spend your day off but we are sitting in the living room watchin "Happy Feet", she is cuddly and life is good!

Other news....The deed is done, my entry for the "Beads and Beyond" Competition has been submitted. Juts gotta wait now and see what happens. There has been a bit of discussion on Frit Happens about entering and general concencus is that if we want to raise the profile of the UK lampworking community then as many as possible had to enter! I think a goodly number from FH have entered which is awesome. I can't wait to see everyone's entry cos we have kept them secret from each other. I don't think there will be to many surprises when my entry is seen it is an evolution of what I have been doing a lot of lately! That said I am very happy with what I have made and that is what counts. I was going to sell them once the competition was finished but I think I am going to keep them for myself!

If you have not visited my website lately then go take a lookie. I have had over 3000 visitors and to celebrate I am having a prize draw. All the info is on my website!

I am adding some new spacer beads to the Spacer bead shop today as well and I have a couple of ideas about this which I am sitting on for a little while but think it will be quite cool! Not to revolutionary but quite useful for my customers!

Speaking of customers...the website is doing ok at the moment, despite the "Credit Crunch" or at least I am able to keep myself in glass which is what I initially set out to do!

Right "Happy Feet" is calling me...I love that film!!!



  1. Lovely!! I've also had a poorly daughter at home but she went back to school today, its that time of year where the nasties are doing the rounds. Hope she feels better soon!!

  2. Yay to Happy Feet, Nay to being ill. Hope Savannah feels better soon!

  3. Thanks guys, she still got very high temperature but seems ok in herself, eating drinking playing etc! Kids eh...