Sunday, 31 August 2008

So that's it then...

...another summer over. Back to work tomorrow (proper day job that is!). Bead time gets severely curtailed now and it won't be long before the thermals come out and I am working in the studio freezing me butt off!!! I love the summer, not necessarily because it is warm, sometimes I prefer the cold to being to warm especially when it is humid like it is at the moment. I love the fact that I can sit out in my garden in the evenings (I don't like the mosquitos!!!), I love sitting chatting with my neighbours, I love being in my studio making beads and it still being partway light when I finish for the night! I love August, the fact that I get more than just 1 or 2 weeks holiday to chill out and kick back a bit! I am feeling quite relaxed and I have had a lovely holiday - black cloud is....back to work tomorrow.
As of tomorrow I am officially part time but because of the severe financial probs I have had to remove Savannah from my childminders on a Wednesday to save money! This will be nice cos we can have the day together but also I wanted some time for that selfish or what. This is where I struggle with the working mum thing. I should be grateful to have time off with my children but having some time for me is quite important to yet I feel bad for wanting some time alone!!! I need a wide open space to scream.....

Anyway it is nearly half seven, time for a little girl to get her bath and get to bed! So I best be off

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  1. I know what you mean Sam but I'm afraid you dont get much time to yourself while they are really young. Believe me it does get better it just means you have to catch moments rather than hours! :)