Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Aargh!!! Tax returns...

...so now I am self employed I have the pleasure of the yearly tax return. I can do it by paper and send it in by the end of October or via the Internet by the end of January. I have decided to submit it now! After throwing up when I opened the return (cos I hate numbers!!!) I sought some advice. I have a friend who is an accountant and another friend who works for the IR. I spoke to the friend in IR and have got my head around the form. The completely funny thing is that I started trading at the beginning of March so only have something like 4 weeks trading to account for. My net profit (and takings!!) amounts to £11. Whoo Hoo!!! at least it is a profit ha ha ha! Seriously if I don't submit it I get a £100 fine but £11 I ask you! I think the friend who is an accountant will come in handy next year!

So...other news....well not a huge amount actually. Things are incredibly quiet selling wise. I think people are pulling spending in cos of this "credit crunch" I think things will get worse before they get better. Not that I am a politician or banker not by any stretch of the imagination but if the news is about rescue packages for UK banks then things must be a bit dodgy!

Still minimal beading but tomorrow night I am planning on getting some beading in. I have got 20 odd days till the show and need more beads...lots more beads!

Right I think it is time for bed now getting late an all that, catch ya soon


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