Thursday, 2 October 2008

Oohhh...I like silver

I love Art Clay and PMC. I made these last night. Sorrythe picture is not that fab but you get the gist I hope! The little heart earrings are not for sale but the rest will be when I get them photographed by my hubby! I am seriously quite pleased with them. I spent an inordinate amount of time filing and making sure they were as good as possible before firing them. I am sure they are not perfect but is that not the thing with handmade jewellery. I mean they are handmade and not mass produced shop bought things. They will have little flaws, very little flaws maybe only I can see them or am aware of them but you buy one of these and there will be very few others and in many cases no one else wearing these cos I don't very often repeat a design.

As you can tell I am very much in love with PMC and I can incorporate my beads with it as well and it works! I wonder if anyone would be interested in buying them.....



  1. I'm sure people would be interested in buying them, I would be I'm always looking for different charms to use in my glass charm bracelets etc. Maybe you can sell them on you website along with your beads.

  2. Thats the plan cos i got a few now! Tony will photograph them later for me and I will post em up for sale!