Sunday, 5 October 2008

Art clay and beads.

Well I have finally got some new stock listed on my website! Not much cos I gotta keep some back for the show in less that a months time! I have listed my Art Clay Silver stuff though! I have really enjoyed making these over the last week and today I made a ring! Things started out well but whilst I was sanding it ready for firing it snapped in half!!! I managed to get it back together with lots of slip and speaking nicely to it! and fired voila! I am wearing it as we speak! it fits my thumb although not the thumb I measured it up for! Apparently one of my thumbs is skinnier that the other! Anyway I am wearing it and I am chuffed to bits!

Not a lot else to say really I didn't manage to get any beads done tonight cos my head is fit to split! This is the problem when you go back onto Prozac! I got about another week to 10 days of these then hopefully they should settle! Hopefully they will settle my mood swings which are getting pretty dire and just generally even me out a bit! Hormones eh!!!!

Right I am off aforementioned headache is getting quite bad so I am off to bed! Let me know what you think of my ring and I will catch y'all laters



  1. Wicked!!! Would look even greater with some sort of decoration as well, the possiblities are endless!! I know it shrinks when fired so does it fit the skinner thumb or what????

  2. Hi Elaine,
    fits the skinny thumb after firing was measured for fatter thumb originally. Mind you it does not come off now!!! I just wanted to make a plain ring initially but will think about embellishments now!