Saturday, 25 October 2008

One week to go...

So...this time next week my first bead show will be over! How will it have gone? Will I have fun? Am I sweating just thinking about it? I am looking forward to it, I have put loads of time into prepping it and actually managed to get 3 days off this week (normal day off Wednesday and 2 days annual leave on Thursday and Friday) to really prepare for it. I am going to set out my table on the dining room table at home and take picures of it so I can replicate it on the saturday and not get to bogged down just before the show starts.
My sister is coming with me so Tony gets childminding duty...not that he minds bless him, a day with the girls is cool for him. Got the final burn this week to get as much stock made as possible. I made more angels an snowmen last night and should try to make some more cos I think they may be popular!

I may be a bit more quiet than usual getting ready for the show but make sure to keep popping in and checking I will gopssip when I can.

One other thing before I go...the last couple of weeks have been quite surreal from a Facebook perspective. People I went to school with have found me and loads of pictures have made their way onto the net of my old school friends. Hello Rob, Andrea, Elle, Becky, Clare, Kevin, Gary, Jackie, Teresa, Jo and Matt, bizarre or what but so nice to hear from people I have not seen for some 20 years (except Jo and Teresa I see you guys loads!!!)


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