Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Just browsing the magazines at my local WHSmiths this afternoon and I find my name in print in the advert for "The Big Bead Show". OMG!!! I mean it is not much really I guess just my name amongst all the exhibitors but it is mine and it is there!!!! Enough exclamation marks !

That put a bit of a shine on my day! I guess those of you who check in regularly know I have been a bit flat of late! I visited my GP today who has decided (with me I guess) to restart me on my anti depressants. Not strictly for the antidepressant effect but more to control my ever spiralling mood swings and anger! Oh what it is to be a woman and be a slave to hormones! So...back on the meds! I just hope I can control the sleeping problems this time! Last time I was on them I could sleep for England, dose was a bit higher tho so hopefully it won't be as bad!

Onto lighter stuff - I got 51 beads out of my kiln this morning! A few sets and some fugleys that are good enough to sell at the show, things are looking up. I also got my Art clay order through this afternoon so I will be playing with that tonight. I have had such a fab response to my fingerprint pendant that people are asking me to do them to sell so hey who am I to refuse an offer like that! It will all be good pratice for using the clay and I will only be making small and simple pendants for the time being! But expansion is on the horizon. I will probabaly not be doing the instructors course for a while but I will definitely like to do some course in PMC or Art Clay soon. As I am not going to shell out for the instructors course yet then doing some more lampworking days with other teachers also looks likely so I get best of both worlds! Ha!

Right enough burble for today! I am off to clean beads and think about what to make with my clay! I wil post pictures!



  1. I am thinking of you at this time!! Hoping you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you Elaine! Getting there!