Monday, 20 October 2008

Me and tony

I have just set my phone up so I can blog on the go! how cool is that then! Anyway some of my pictures are a bit out of date and my daughter took this one of me and my hubby on her phone and it really touched me that she kept it. I got her to bluetooth it to me and here it is!
So now I have my phone set up for blogging I can get pictures wherever!!! he he he you guys are in for a treat!!!
Whilst I am here I guess I can fill you in very briefly (cos I am at work!). The beads are going very well and I am getting a nice lot together for the show in less thahn 2 weeks now! I am still bloody nervous but hopeful for a good day. Whatever happens I am going to meet some fab people who have been very supportive to me and I am going to have a brill day. My sister is coming with me, she is a walking advert for me so should be good fun all round.

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