Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mmm...nice beads!

I love these bead sets! perhaps it is not good for the creator to feel so happy with their creations that they shout about them but you know me not one for standing on ceremony! I LOVE THESE BEADS. I am so happy with the way they look and feel! They are quite big for me 13mm hole to hole but the fab thing about working with a bigger canvas is that you can get more detail in! The trick is to know when to stop! I really wanted to enter these into the Beads and Beyond competion but I am so darned proud of them that I have decided to showcase them! Sometimes I think I may have a chance at making a bit of a living out of this beading malarkey. You know what would make it for me though...I so want to see someone make something out of my beads! I have sold a few beads now but no-one has ever emailed me pictures of their creations with my creations and I would love to see what people make of my work! Oh day maybe!
Things are going well for the Big Bead Show! Clock is ticking not long now! I still need way more stock but I am getting there and production is good. I was gonna list on my website but I am gonna hold fire till after the big bead show! I need all the stock I can get! I think I will post em all on Flickr in case anyone has a burning desire for my beads! Who am I to refuse.....?
Yes...go look at Flickr I have posted em all on there!!!


  1. I know, I know I've been looking and posted a comment on one set I might have my eye on!! Hee hee!! :O

  2. they are fabulous be proud of them shout it from yhe roof tops.
    lovely picture of you and DH.
    chriss x

  3. Thanks guys for your comments!