Saturday, 4 October 2008


...We have just been down the park again...honest I think Savannah would live there given half a chance...anyway on our way home we found a conker lying on the floor, a quick scout around and we found quite a few of them. So we picked them up and bought them home! Now what do I do with them I mean I know you play conkers with them but in this health and safety and PC climate conkers is practically a banned sport!!! So what am I going to do with them? You know what will happen... they will be left lying around and someone will trip on them and they will fall to the bottom of a toybox and be found in 6 months time all shrivelled up!!!You know what though I don't care they are such an important childhood thing that they can hang around as long as they need to! How many of you can remember getting conkers off the trees and putting them in the airing cupboard to ripen up and then sticking them in the oven to harden them!!! I remember getting skewers to make holes and threading shoelace through it!!! I never won anything tho! For those of you interested I have found a useful site on the rules etc of conkers follow this link and enrich your day!!!
You know the other thing about conkers is that it means autumn is here, chilly days, frosty misty mornings, Christmas round the corner but first Halloween and bonfire night. Evenings spent indoors snuggled up on the sofa and a good book! I love summer but I love this time of year as well!

I am hoping to get into shed tonight and make some beads or failing that I will photograph some stock to get onto my website I really have to get motivated to get some beads made. Things are getting quite busy what with the bead show coming up in 5 weeks (or is it less...???). Must make some beads!



  1. We have a little collection of conkers ourselves sitting on the table. Will have to post some pics and maybe we can have a competition on whose got the biggest. Hehehe!! Going off to make beads myself for B&B competition.

  2. Hi Elaine: as forecast the conkers are everywhere!!!! I will try to gather them together and your are on! Who has the biggest conker? :-/

  3. Ok will take some piccies tomorrow. They have started to shrivel already only got them at weekend. :-D

  4. Blast forgot to get picture blessed things are everywhere!!! I may not be able to get picture! Will see what I can do :-)