Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's gonna be a nice day!

I am up early today cos Tony was up at half 5 to watch the qualifying for the F1 and has now gone back to bed so it has fallen to me to get up with the girls! This is quite early for me for the weekend and especially since I have been back on the prozac cos that makes me sleep for England!

Anyway whats new?...I had a big clean out in my studio (shed!) last night and have decided to sell my stash of shop bought beads that I got when I started making jewellery. I don't make as much jewellery as I used to instead I am concentrating more on glass beads and my silver core beads and then added to that I am making my PMC and Art Clay designs. I have kept some stuff back so I can make jewellery if I get some major inspiration. What this does mean is that my studio is better laid out now for me to torch and as I now have insurance I can pursue the teaching thing! I did some teaching earlier this year and quite enjoyed it. This is a quote from what my student posted on the Frit Happens forum:

"Can I just say how much of fantastic tutor she has been? I have had so much fun today. Not only does she teach well. but she made me feel so much at ease from the minute I walked in the door. I was worried that when it came to making beads it wouldnt live up to my expectations, but it more than did. Sam is wonderful, she was really patient with me and encouraged me at all the right points. the best bit for me really was seeing all the techniques come together to make a pretty bead, and also when she let me have "play time" and let me just have a go at creating something (which hopefully will turn out ok).Can I also say that Sam's work is fantastic! She let me peek in her "fugly" box and I found some perfect beads and sets in there. She is amazing and doesn't realise how good she is!!"

I know that is only feedback from one person but it makes me feel good and maybe I wil pursue the teaching thing. I will only offer 2 hour taster sessions at the moment and only one to one cos I have no room for more in my studio and probably only 1 or 2 weekends a month but this is a strong possibility! Mmmm....something to think about I think!

I have got loads of beads made keep an eye out on here cos some of them are for the bead show and won't be on my website for sale but I will put some on my website. All of them will end up on Flickr as well so you can go there and have a look see...

Right best be off breakfast beckons

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  1. Why not, give it a go and YES you do make lovely beads. Cant wait til The Big Bead Show to see what you've done and meet you to.
    E x