Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Beaders Showcase

Yay I am one of this weeks featured artists in Beaders Showcase For those of you unfamiliar with this web site click on the "This week" section in the "Album Showcase". I am one of 9 featured artists and there are another 2 forum members with me Sarah from Flame Force Five and Pam from Maple Glass

Other news I am still struggling with stringer control on my beads and it is beginning to frustrate me but I will perservere (?sp). I have made a gorgeous ribbon bead this weekend that I am very happy with and they are quite forgiving of my poor stringer technique LOL. I will post a picture later there has not been much sun the last 2 days.

Right best be off, gotta get ready for work and get Savannah to my SIL as my childminder is off this week! Have a lovely day

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