Friday, 1 May 2009

Art clay pictures!

The top picture is what Keiara and I made on Wednesday when she came round! The fingerprint and the flower are mine the rest are Keiara's! The hearts are diddy!!! We did have fun tho honest Keiara's face when she saw what happens to the clay! It is amazing stuff tho!!! I still marvel at it!

The second picture is of my art clay lentils. The bottom ones are sanded down and virtually ready for firing the top ones are rough still! NO casualties yet still got 11 little devils to do something with! I am not sure if I am going to use them or if I am going to sell them! Lets see how they fire and what they are like once I have drilled the other hole in! Oh and tumbled them!

No beading tonight but I am hoping that my parcel from Jolene arrives tomorrow so I can play saturday night! I have joined the Mini Mo club which is run by Jolene and each month I get a selection of murrini, shards and twisties to use in my bead designs and I am really looking forward to that! So more beads to come!!!

Right best be off got lentils to sand and fire final pictures tomorrow!!!

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  1. God, love, all that sanding, you must have the patience of a saint!! Worth it though, they look great already x