Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This might help!!!

So I blogged this morning about having problems with finding colour combos that work and look what someone found on Frit Happens - Colour Lovers

I have fallen in love with another website! I have printed of some deeply scrummy colour combos and now need to see if I can match glass to the colours! and then off I go to make beads!

That said I had a couple of hours this afternoon and turned out complete pap! After my fantastic session last night with the beads I posted earlier I have succesfully made 2 sets of spacer beads! BTW the beads I posted about this morning sold within half an hour of me listing it on Etsy...How chuffed was I!!!

Anyway no beading tonight so gonna have to wait till at least tomorrow evening before I can get onto my torch again! In the meantime I feel a glass order coming on!!!


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