Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A new idea is brewing

...Not gonna say much but I am having an idea! Some what of a diversion from what I make at the mo and if I can sort it out will be another string to my bow but I think I can make the new thing and the beads and jewellery work together..
Ha has that got your interest or what....

Watch this space.

Other news I have been making more spacer beads (about all I am good for at the mo!!) and I have found this completely delish yellow

It is Bullseye sunflower yellow and I love it. I am not normally a yellow person but this is very very nice. It is a striking colour and when I am winding it onto the mandrel it is the most beautiful undescribable colour, one of those beads that I wish stayed the same colour when hot as cold! That said the yellow that comes out of the kiln is just......sunny!!!

I have also made these 2 sets which will be up on my website tomorrow for sale!





  1. Oooh you are a tease - can't wait to hear about your new idea. Love the yellow beads - very summery. An the green ones are gorgeous, really organic.
    BTW, my blog has moved to - maybe see you over there?

  2. Hi Veryan, thank you for your comment and I will update my following stuff now!!! see you at yours!
    Sam xx