Sunday, 31 May 2009

His and hers and the kids.....

Tony and I have our own sheds in the garden. His is a huge shed where he does his woodwork and I don't have shed envy honest ;o).

Mine is a 7 ft square summer house where I make all my glass beads and do my small amount of silver smithing and now Savannah has a shed of her own.

Tony was doing some work at a house the other week and got friendly with the guy next door who has this up in a tree. He asked Tony if he wanted it for Savannah so it now lives in our garden. He has made a new door for it and repaired the window and Savannah wanted it purple so this is a picture of them both painting it this morning. Imogen is a little put out cos she wants a shed to make her cards in! But I really do think the garden is full now with 3 shed like buildings a 15" trampoline, a 2 storey rabbit hutch and a washing line! Thank goodness for a 60" garden!!!!! Mind you I am about to start to try to persuade Tony to do the bottom patio and incorporate a new workspace for me mwah mwah mwah!

Imogen is on a promise for a revamp in her bedroom, it is so cluttered and poorly set out and she is such a litterbug (wonder where she gets that from ;o) ) that it is in dire need of a rethink so she is happy and......if the thing I am hoping for works out to plan then money should become a little less of a worry! More about that as and when!!!

Imogen's sleepover is going well, they all went shopping yesterday afternoon and were brilliantly behaved last night although there was not much sleep before about 2 0r 3 am this morning!!! At the moment they are swimming at the local pool and then home for some lunch and then it is all over! I can't get over the fact that my little baby is 12 this week OMG!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMI I love you tons!!!

Right sunshine is a wasting. BTW making beads tonight! got a couple of ideas!!!

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  1. How cute is that, love the colour!! I'm sure it blends into the garden well!! Hope she enjoys playing in it.