Friday, 15 May 2009

What have I been up to?

I promised I was not going to get to boring or maudlin on you but you just have to understand where I am right now so that some of this post makes some kind of sense.

After years (at least 2 or 3 but in reality a lot more!) I have been dealing with what I describe as a "low grade" depression. Most of the time I am fine there are good days and bad days! I have never had to take time off work for it. I do take meds but no time off. UNTIL.....This week. I give in...I just can't cope right now so here I am at home taking some time out!

My GP has changed my meds and signed me off for 2 weeks, Tony is worried sick about me and I am just chillin trying to get my head back on a bit!!!

Everyone keeps on going on about "me" time so I have taken the opportunity to get into the studio and make beads!!!! Well Wednesday I did not know whether to laugh or cry!!! I turned out a load of rubbish, yesterday I became the spacer bead queen churning out 40 small spacer beads in different colours!!! So I took that as inspiration today and thought I would go back to basics. I make little spacer beads all the time so I thought right make single colour beads but larger, practice getting round beads instead of "donut" shaped ones!!! Then I decided to practice my encasing using my crappy effetre clear rods that are so scummy it is untrue BUT...I can etch them once they are cooked and they will look fab! This afternoon I have churned out somewhere in the region of 50 beads or so and feel ok actually!

Can I make this pay....Can beads and jewellery ever become my main income???

BTW I am featured in this months edition of Beads and Beyond with another art clay tutorial. All in all today is one of my better days for a few weeks!!! Just gotta wait for the kiln to ramp down and see what the kiln fairies leave me!!!


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