Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wow post number 200

I have to say I am quite pleased with myself for being so consistent and writing this blog and I totally enjoy it. I do hope you guys who read it enjoy it as well!

Happy 200th post to me and many more to come!

Right to other stuff I made these last night

Those of you who follow my blog will recognise these as a design I started on a few weeks ago but I got waylaid by big swirl beads after the Flame Off. I returned to these last night and am really happy with the way they have turned out. It helped making a bigger base bead and the one thing I am really into at the mo is bigger beads. I do like my little beads but bigger ones provide a better canvas for designs! The colour combo was a bit of an ephiphany yesterday afternoon, not a unique colour combo blue and yellow work together but I do struggle with getting colour combos right. You should see my orphan and fugley box, full of beads that just don't do it for me!!! I do sell these cos my taste will be different from others but I sell them as orphans you have to keep an eye on my website for my occasional bargain basement sale!

Right gotta go, house work to do and shopping I am having a Body Shop party tonight for a friend who has just become a consultant!

Have a lovely day


  1. I always knew you talked a lot!!! xx

  2. Tough one to shut up me and this is a fab medium I just keep on churning it out!!! LOL xxx

  3. Happy 200!! Got a long way to go to catch up with you. Hee hee!! Yes I'm back, I've been off for a while, while I get my mojo back and my head together, thanks for your concern, Hun! Missed ya!! Love your stringer beads, keep going your doing so well! I'm desperate for a kiln as I really want to do big beads! :0))