Thursday, 21 May 2009

You are not allowed to laugh.....

Ta Dah!!! My new venture. I have not sewn anything other than curtains since I was at secondary school!!! So I have been having some really vivid dreams sinces my medication has been changed and one of these was about making my own bags! What you can see in the photos above and below is my first attempt! I have made some very stupid and basic errors but I worked without a pattern and have learnt loads! I am going to make bags to sell my beads in as well as handbags and tote bags! (Once I have had significant amounts of practice!!!)

My eldest daughter (bless her) loves this bag and has snaffled it for herself. I love my daughter!

I am relaunching my Belita beads soon and am making little pouches for them and I will offer standard wrapping for my beads and jewellery at no extra cost but for that something a little special I will offer my little bags for a small cost!

Watch this space.. I hope your sides are ok after all that laughing!!!



  1. Sam, I think that's brilliant! cannot wait to see your range of purses and bags as you develop your ideas :-)

  2. They look fab, Sam. It's so fab that you're keeping going - nd not just keeping going, but coming out with new, creative and innovative....did I mention gorgeous? ideas :o)

  3. Argh.....don't know why it says 'mail' - Sabine x

  4. Hi Angel, they are great :o)))

    Is that a cucumber in the bag in the bottom picture?!?

  5. LOL Kerensa,
    no it is my mobile phone case!!! Thank you Julie and Sabine as well. tidying the house at the mo but I am obsessed with making bags! ;o)

  6. There's nowt wrong with the bag. It's very good especially for a first attempt

  7. I would never laugh.. that's awesome.. and what a great colour too!!! xox