Friday, 7 August 2009

Beads and Beyond Magazine

I have got another tutorial in the September issue of Beads and Beyond. This will hit the magazine stands on 13th August unless you subscribe and then you will probably get it a few days before through your door!

Anyway there are 4 pictures across the top of the front page and my project is the furthest to the right, silver lentil beads with turquoise and ivory lampwork beads. I also love the necklace that is the main image so I can't wait to get my hands on this issue it looks fab as usual!



  1. I shall be keeing an eye on the postbox as I subscribe to this magazine!

    The cover looks fab!

  2. This has my last tutorial for a little while but cant wait to see yours in the new issue. Front cover looks fab don't it!!

  3. Well done on the tutorial......both of you!
    I should just give in and subscribe to this as I seem to be buying most of the issues anyway.
    I can't resist if I "know" someone who features :)

  4. Wahoo! How exciting! Well done. Kim

  5. This is a great issue and all the tutorials have been fantastic. I might have a go at making some :) Well done all involved