Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New beads and Ventian Fete

Both on my website for sale here on the "Beads" page. I love the shape of the bottom one I am really getting to grips now with the barrel and bicone shape. The ends (although you can't see them clearly here) are much straighter and neater. I am, however, not sure about the grey base, felt right whilst I was making it but I am not to sure now in the flesh! It was inspired by a vase I saw in John Lewis the other day and I think I am going to play with colour combo's but at last I am making focal beads that I like!

There are more sale items in my Bargain Basement as well, 2 more days of adding new goodies and it is all over so jump in a grab yourself a bargain.

Tonight I am going to Hythe (Kent) to see the Venetian Fete. This is essentially Hythe's carnival but it takes place on the Royal Military Canal. I have many many fond memories of Hythe as my Dad comes from there and my Mum from Folkestone and I was born in Folkestone. My wonderful but alas no longer with us grandparents lived their all their life and I spent many a summer and Christmas holiday with them as a child and it was truly wonderful. I miss them both so much but love going to where I feel spiritually close to them! Savannah has never been to the fete before and I am not sure if Tony has either. I am meeting my Mum and Dad there and I think one of my sisters as well with her 2 kids. I am really looking forward to it, if you are in the area why not come along tableux starts at 7pm and fireworks at dusk.


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