Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sneak peek!

Morning, I have a couple of pictures for you today! The top one is called wow wow wubzy after the childrens programme I was watching with Savannah the other morning. I will let you google it to find out more info but it is full of fab colours and wonderful shapes and this one jumped out at me! I added the black dots for effect!!

The second picture is my first pendant bead. The raised dots are goldstone and at certain angles the gold really shows up! the hole is across the top of the bead and this would look fab strung on leather thong I think. Both of these and hopefully more will be in my shop for sale on Wednesday!

I am about to potter over to my website and upload todays sale goodies so don't forget to take a look there for some mega bargains.

Out this afternoon with my sister and our kids maybe afternoon on the beach who knows and torch tonight so a full day ahead!

What about you guys what are your plans?


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