Monday, 3 August 2009

Mini Mo Inspiration

I have the whole day today to make beads. I am a bit gutted that the stuff I listed last week has not sold and I am still struggling to work out why this might be. Is my stuff not good? not nice? is it cos it is summer and everyone is on holiday? Am I pricing it wrong and people are laughing? Am I expecting to much???????

Anyway after a bluesy couple of days and a busy weekend I finally get some torch time today. I got my August Mini Mo club stuff from Jolene of KitzBitz glass and it is turquoise!!! OMG I adore turquoise at the moment. The picture above is one of my very simple beads but shows beautifully the reaction between turquoise and ivory. The fingerprint jewellery is one of my things as well in case you are wondering!!!

So I have some silver infused turquoise shards, some turquoise murrini and some turquoise twisties. Pictures tomorrow hopefully!

I am also on a bit of a spacer bead splurge trying to get ready for The Big Bead Show in October so I make at least 2 or 3 sets of spacer beads and mini spacer beads each sitting at the torch.

Right best be off gotta get Savannah to her childminder, her last week this week as I can no longer justify it and afford it with me no longer working at the Uni. Will be sad on Friday to say goodbye to Sam and Lee for the last time although they may be able to help with school runs once Savannah starts school. Savannah has been there since she was 7 months old. Long time to be with someone and I am sure she will be a bit sad as well :o(



  1. Sam, your beads are beautiful, don't worry about not selling any this week - you are going to need tonnes for your bead fair.

    I saw the Mini Mo stuff at Julies on Saturday and can't wait to see what you make with it.

    Take care xxx

  2. Sam,
    Love,love,love that turquoise and ivory bead. Am I being a bit thick, but are those available to buy from your shop?

  3. Hi Vicky,
    thank you and no you are not being thick at all I have none of those in the shop at the mo but I would happily make some for you

    Thank you Good Monkey had a bit of a block with the mini mo this morning, lots of ideas but none of them quite turned out how I wanted to I have put it away for today!!! try again tomorrow!

    Sam x