Friday, 14 August 2009

A little something to show you all!

In case you had not noticed I make spacer beads to supply people who make jewellery as well as my other beads. I had a big order this week for 80 beads which fortunately I managed to do before becoming unwell. I have also decided to do a monthly special on my spacer beads and this month it is black and white. I may have mentioned this earlier but I finally got a picture sorted

You get all these beads for a mere £10 which is a £2 saving on the usual price. If you go to my website here and go to the Made to Order page you will find more information.

Other news Imogen has gone to the Lake District for a week with her Dad and his family. It is lovely for her that she gets to spend quality time with her Dad but I do miss her when she is away and Savannah definitely does. I don't miss the bickering tho LOL !!!

Another week and Tony is off with us not quite sure what the plan is yet and I am still job hunting so money is very tight but it will be lovely to spend some time with the family and chill, it has been an interesting, difficult and challenging year and some family time is very much needed.

Hope you are all ok. Have a lovely weekend


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