Friday, 21 August 2009

Busy busy busy

I am loving this bead. Dark Ivory with dots of silvered ivory placed round it and partially melted in. I have then etched it for a matt effect and it also makes the bead smooth to touch! If I wore this I would constantly be fiddling with it like a worry bead sort of thing! This will be up for sale on my website next week!

The spacer bead fest continues I am trying to build up a decent stock for "The Big Bead Show" in October. There are only 8 weeks to go and I am beginning to find myself juggling a bit. No way am I going to complain tho this is exactly what I hoped for. Between now and the show on 17th October I have 1 definite jewellery party with one provisional. I have some fingerprint commissions to do next week 1 bracelet and 1 pendant, hoping to put my new found soldering skills to use ;o) I have another fingerprint commission awaiting in the background, trying to find some butterfly cookie cutters that are big enough for 2 finger prints but not to big to make a hideous necklace!!!

I have also just applied for a local art and craft exhibition to be help at my local parish church. This is from 5th - 9th Sept and there is a preview night on 4th sept for invited dignitaries and exhibitors! I so hope I can get a place in this! I should know by the beginning of next week.

In all of this I have an interview for NHS Professionals so I can do agency work to ensure an income and maintain my nursing registration so sometime in all this I am gonna need to do some shifts!!! Nights are beginning to look attractive LOL.

I also plan to do more bead shows next year so I need to start getting these sorted as well. On top of that Christmas is not to far away 126 days apparently according to here so I should really be planning a party end of October, maybe I should move one of the September ones!!!

Whew!!! Busy busy busy.

What about you guys so many of you who follow my blog make and sell your own jewellery and beads and much more, are things picking up for you as well?

Oh and another bit of good news for you crafty peeps in Thanet, Hobby craft is opening a store at Westwood cross in October yay!!!



  1. No pretty dead for me at the mo. my fault really been doing lots of bead practising and not much jewellery making. Which school starts again hoping to get cracking! You do sound busy :0))

  2. hi just found this blog was attracted cos I love glass and would love to be able to blow and design glass. I will have a look round .Don