Saturday, 1 August 2009

OMG I have been soooo bad :o(

So we are going camping next weekend, have not been since I was a kid and have lots of memories of Devon and the New Forest and other places we went but it is all over shadowed with eating frosties with powdered milk bleurgh........

Anyhoo times they have a changed and we now can get electric hook up yay!!! So off we are going next weekend with some friends. They go quite a lot and have been trying to persuade us for years. So I think I have blogged already that we did a practise run with our tent, bought it 5 years ago and never used it. So we pitched it, quite quick and all seemed fine except I don't like it. There is nothing wrong with it at all I just don't like it! Fussy cow that I am eh! So we bought a new one today. I mean how out of order is that. I am about to lose my wage from the old day job and the beads are taking time (which I knew) to earn me enough to draw some kind of wage so we are supposed to be being careful and we spend money on a tent! Doh!!!

But it is a nice tent and that makes all the difference. I can quite happily rationalise it to myself and therefore no-one else can fault my rationale I am after all correct in my appraisal and we needed to buy a new tent!!!! Can you hear me trying to convince myself? Anyway done is done and we have a new tent. So...does anyone want to buy a 6 berth tent, pitched once 2 weeks ago for half an hour, other than that it has never been used. Bought it for £150 will take £80 for it.

The winner of my July prize draw was Melissa of oneearedpig
Watch this space for the August prize draw to be announced next week.


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  1. Sam,
    Re the tent - just think what you will SAVE on hotel costs.....
    Vicky :)