Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Decisions, decisions...

...and I am so crap at making them!!! Keiara coming to visit me tomorrow and we are going to have an Art Clay day! My dilemma is what shall I make and what should Keiara make! I don't think she has used Art Clay before so a simple pendant or charm etc should be fab for her but I am wanting to try to make a ring again. I have bought Keiara a lovely little surprise can't say what cos she might read this before getting here tomorrow but she has gifted me some beautiful beads and now it is my turn to return the favour. I hope she likes what I have got her!!! I will let you know! I am so keen to pursue the Art Clay thing and I really want to work towards getting my level 1 certification but I needs to develop some more skills and I need tuition to do this that is the tricky part cos I can't find anyone who teaches close to me. That said I have made good friends with Becci of Fired Silver and she has very kindly offered to teach me the stuff I need to know. There is also the option of Leigh of Magick Minx who I spoke to at the Flame Off. I just need to save some money and get some time sorted out to do it.

Speaking of time I spent some time today planning out my teaching load for the next year in my "day job". October is looking fairly dismal from a teaching load perspective but actually considering what is happening there at the mo it is manageable which has calmed me down a bit! There is 1 week in October where I am due to teach for 5 days which is going to be challenging cos I only work for 4 days a week LOL!!!

Anyhoo time to go Rice Krispies and warm milk are calling me mmmmmm..........



  1. haha.. I can't believe I didn't see this before I came over!!! You are too kind, darling, and I enjoyed every minute of it! My three little leaves and 5 mini hearts are waiting for me to tumble them :) thanks for such a wonderful day! xox

  2. Any piccies!! Love to see, I'm sure they will be wonderful?