Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oh no ran out of gas...

I was on a complete roll on Monday I made a ton of beads some for orders very simple spacer beads but I also got the time and mojo to play with different designs. And then me gas ran out.......
Should not moan really I knew it was on its way out cos I had it for over a year. It is a 19kg cannister so quite big and I only get a max of 10 hours a week on the torch if that sometimes. I am glad it ran out monday cos I have a lesson booked for tomorrow and it would have been pretty dire to have the gas run out in the middle of teaching :-/

Anyway I am sitting here now waiting for the postman my glass order should be arriving and then I gotta go out and get new gas and post Victoria's prize from my prize draw.

I will be back up studio tonight for another session on the torch to complete an order for spacer beads and then to carry on playing with a couple of designs! I have updated my website with new beads and also my Etsy shop. Links are over on the right hand side of this page.

Happy Wednesday to you all


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