Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yay Flame Off very nearly here!!!

OMG 1 more sleep and we travel to Towcester for the Flame Off, 2 more sleeps and it is here!!!!! To say I am just a little excited is a massive understatement. Lots of reasons to be excited;
  • Meeting friends from Frit Happens
  • seeing some excellent glass artists do their thing with glass
  • Meet some more friends from Frit Happens
  • Play with fire and glass for a while
  • Meet some more friends from Frit Happens
  • sleep
  • then do it all again ..........
Sorry can you tell I am just a wee bit happy about this! Typically I have not got any bloody money!!! but that don't matter just to be there soaking up the atmosphere, networking, making new friends and meeting old ones, stroking glass and learning new stuff is going to be completely awesome!

I am taking my video camera and my ordinary camera so I hope to get lots of shots! I will post em when I get home!

See you Sunday


  1. I am going on Saturday... was trying to get some one to cover me at work on friday... but i can't. I'm gutted I can't go both days... anyway!!!! so happy I can make one of the days!!! CANT WAIT :-D

  2. i was just thinking how greedy I am for going both days but I am quite excited. Will see you on Saturday Vicki :-)