Friday, 3 April 2009

The good news and the not so good!

I am about to have my 4th jewellery party. I have spent the last week or so getting jewellery together and making stuff (which is why the website has been a little quiet) and at 7.30 the evening I am hoping my first guests arrive to peruse my wares and maybe even buy a few! One lives in hope anyway. I actually quite enjoy doing these and although I would not want them to become a regular 1 or 2 a week I could do one a month or so. That said it gets a bit gutty for people to keep coming along so maybe my original idea of 4 or 5 a year at strategic points such as Christmas, Spring etc is the best idea! I can also use it to promote my fingerprint jewellery and my childrens parties as well so you never know!

The not so good news is that my sudden deafness in my left ear is not apparently caused by a blockage of wax as I thought! GP had a look today and was bemused so I am now awaiting an appointment for ENT. Great!!!!! So the ole brain goes into a bit of overdrive and the machinery cranks up into high gear and suddenly I am on my way out!!! I have some perspective now, still anxious but I am pretty sure it is nothing major. I am such a drama queen it is untrue! How my friends put up with me sometimes honest......

Anyway best be off got few last minute thigns to sort out then to be the hostess with the mostess.......


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