Sunday, 19 April 2009

OMG so much to say!!!

...Wow what a lot has happened over the last few days! We arrive home from the "Flame Off" last night totally exhausted but very happy and smiley. I have spent an obscene amount of money that I don't have but I have definitely become aware that life is to short. I have not been irresponsible, have to be strict for a couple of months but none of it is on credit which I am very happy at!!! and the bills are paid this month!

The top photo is one that has been made by one of my regular customers, Jean. In her recent order I popped in the glass beads above as a little thank you for her custom. I met her on Friday at the Flame Off and she showed me the bracelet she had made out of my gift! The picture is not that fab and that is my fault (sorry Jean) but it is a beautiful bracelet and fab to see something with my handmade beads in !!!

The bottom photo is a custom order that I am posting tomorrow and again I am quite chuffed with it. It is quite small as it is for an 11 year old.

So how did the Flame Off go. OMG where do I start I met so many people and have probably forgotten the names of as many again cos my memory can be quite shocking! It was so fantastic to meet everyone, some again and some for the first time! I had a truly awesome 2 days. The demos were awesome. Sarah Hornik demo'd her ribbon bead sadly I missed her demo on Saturday as I was manning the GBUK stand. I saw quite a chunk of Julie Ann Denton boro dragon demo which was some 2 hours long and completely awesome, she cut glass with scissors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anouk demo'd 2 of her beads which were fab. I admit to thinking that Anouk's demo may be the one that I found of little use from a technique and hint perspective...boy was I wrong her beads are so cool and it is truly enlightening to watch anyone who is a bead maker do their thing!

I have posted pictures on my Facebook page please feel free to go take a look!

I am going now I am hoping to get some torch time tonight not sure I am up to it still very tired (!) but will definitely be up there during the week!


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  1. Great piccies, lovely jewellery. Was great to see you again. TOTALLY FAB TIME!!!