Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Unusual use for solitare game

I have reconsituted all of my dried out Art Clay today and earlier it was much to sticky to use, so I have left it wrapped in cling film for the day and just found out that it was at a useable stage.

So what to make...well I have wanted to make some lentil beads for a while so now seemed a good time. What should I rest the shapes on to give them their shape and allow them to dry.....well obviously marbles and my trusty solitaire game. I knew there was a reason not to throw that game out LOL.

More pictures to follow of the next and subsequent stages

Had a "play day" with Keiara today, she has never used Art Clay before so I bought her a mini starter set and some clay and she made some stuff with it. I have got pictures but I need to transfer them from my camera and that probably won't be today cos my kiln is on so I am making beads tonight!!!

Right best be off gotta sort tea out



  1. I had a GREAT time, honey, thank you!! I can't wait to see the finished lentils :) xox

  2. Great idea! will you be decorating them too?