Saturday, 4 April 2009

Prize Draw

Right enough of the maudlin, you are all obviously getting bored cos I am dropping down the ratings somewhat so I want to get this blog back on track. Enough whinging and moaning.

celebrated it's first birthday 2 weeks ago and I did say I was going to do something to celebrate and so now I will. I am not the worlds most original person so it is a plain and simple prize draw. All you have to do is leave me a little comment at the end of this post saying me please and I will enter your names into the hat. I will pull the name of one lucky winner from the hat on Tuesday 7th April and hopefully you should get your prize in time for Easter. I am waiting for the sun to come out and I will take a picture and post it a bit later today.

Don't forget to join my mailing list as well on my website. I promise not to fill your inbox with loads of emails I send 1 or 2 a month updating you on various things!

Right be back later with promised picture - picture now added!!
Have a lovely Saturday


  1. I'd like to be in your prize draw...pretty please!! :)

  2. Victoria Smith4 April 2009 at 17:23

    Cool blog and beautiful beads hun! Please can I be in your prize draw? xxx

  3. 'Me please'
    Kristin :)
    p.s. Lovely beads - beautifully vibrant blue

  4. Happy 1st Birthday.
    Congrats on the school grace go into Palm Bay.

    Thank you soo much for the fingerprint jewellery, the presents reduced the mother's and grandmother to tears they ,loved them.
    I have not taken mine off it is the loveliest piece of jewellery i own and everyone comments so i pass on your website.

    thank you

  5. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.. much success for the future... Ooo a prize draw too... can I have a go please xjules a.c x

  6. Virginia Rees aka mad bunny4 April 2009 at 18:58

    happy 1st birthday. please put me in you prize draw for your beautiful beads. :-)

  7. me please, i love the colour of these.

    i enjoy reading your blog.


  8. Ooh - me please! They are a gorgeous blue.
    Caroline of BB xx

  9. thank you everyone you are all in the draw, Sarah thank you for your comments i am glad they went down so well!

  10. "Me please!"

    Happy 1st Birthday!

  11. Me please - Happy 1st Birthday. Doesn't time fly by!

  12. Happy 1st Birthday - it's my first birthday this week as well - sadly it has a bigger number in front of it but that's another story.

    So me please for the draw too.

  13. Happy birthday... such gorgeous stuff! keep creating! and pretty please include me in your lovely draw for your gorgeous beadies.

    Aster xxx

  14. Ooh me too please. Those are gorgeous and I think I have just the right beads to go with them. If not, i'll just have to buy some. Shame!

  15. Sorry, forgot the name bit.
    It's me ......... TC. Stupid for short.

  16. Yay, happy birthday hun! Me Please too for the draw. B xx

  17. Happy birthday, and those are wonderful beads. I would love to be in your drawing

  18. Hiya

    oooooooooooo loving your beads :o)


  19. hi Saffie...
    beautiful beads....
    glad we found ya..
    mona & the girls
    have a great week

  20. Happy B-day! I'd love to be in the drawing.

  21. Happy Birthday :-) Me Please xx

  22. ooohhh me please, simply stunning! Would look fab made into a necklace to wear with jeans.
    Debs x

  23. I missed it damn!! Been having a bit of a break now look what happens!!! Happy 1st Birthday, its my first birthday beadmaking too!! Well you knew that!!! :0)) Lovely beads hun!!