Wednesday, 4 March 2009

150 posts....

This is my 150th post on my blog, not bad, not bad at all. I am really enjoying my little blog and reading back through them all there is a varied mixed of topics! Some quite lighthearted, some quite sad, lots and lots of jewellery and glass which is good and a nice little insight into my life!

So what about today, well today is Wednesday whcih means it is my day off yay! sadly I have so much to do that beading time is looking a little unlikely! As strict as I am about my time off I have got some lesson prep that must be done today, then the housework, then get Savannah to her nursery this afternoon then I may get some torch time if I have been strict about this morning. So there is an incentive if I ever needed one.

Been quiet on the bead front cos work has picked up a bit and this will carry on for the next 4 weeks but once I get into the flow I should be back a bit more! I have arranged a jewellery party for 3rd April so I gotta get on with some stuff otherwise I will not be selling anything!

And on that note I will bid ye farewell for now! Have a lovely Wednesday

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  1. congratulations on your 150th post!! good luck with your party too :) xox