Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We have lift off.....

....and all of a sudden things have gone a bit crazy! I am most definitely not complaining though. I have 2 fingerprint commissions going and to commissions for the lariat featured in "Making Jewellery".

There is endless debate about making something again and again like mass production but there is something very very fab about being asked to produce a piece of jewellery again for someone else. It won't be the same exactly I will do something a little different each time, different texture, different colour beads different findings etc.

Anyway things are nice and busy and the good news is that my 5 weeks of full on teaching is ending this week so things quieten down a wee bit for me at work. Still have lesson prep and student support etc but teaching goes a little quieter for a few weeks as the students are on placement. And added to that Easter hols are only a couple of weeks away!!! Ooohhh...so much going on. Life is good I am happy and to top it off the sun is finally shining.

I am having a photography evening later so new stock will be up on the website tonight or tomorrow.

Oh and one final piece of news Keiara and I are having our long overdue glassy play day tomorrow. Hoorah.....



  1. Congratulations, honey!! Sounds like things are going great :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow! xox

  2. Oh gosh I thought you had already seen her, if she sees her beaders showcase page before you do, I think I have given her a clue of her little pressie. Oh dear never mind!!! Have a fab day, wish I could be there with you. Lots of love to you both xx