Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New Designers One Year On

I didn't get through :-(

I knew it was highly unlikely that I would be chosen but I am sad not to have been one of the lucky chosen few! Hey ho! keep going girl remember you only been doing this for a year!

It's Aurorabeadz website birthday in 6 days and I said I would do something to celebrate and I will just don't quite know what yet? Any suggestions?



  1. Oh no!!! Never mind I still think your a terrific designer, babe. As for suggestions what about people send you entries of their work with your beads or silverwork maybe for a little competition and you choose a winner and offer a little prize or something like that?? Just a thought!!! :0))

  2. Sorry you didn't get chosen :( Good suggestion from Elaine. I suggest coming over to my house! Oh wait, that probably doesn't work so well as a celebration for the website.. but you should come over anyway ;) xox