Sunday, 29 March 2009

More fingerprint jewellery and some earrings

I have had a few commissions lately a couple of which you can see above. With the "left over" clay I made this little pair of leaf earrings. I am still just tinkering and not really trying anything too stressful plain and simple pendant stuff. TBH I am not sure where to go now and I guess this is where classes would be very helpful but that means money which I am sadly lacking right now :-(

The leaf earrings will be up for sale in my Etsy shop shortly and I have added a couple of bead pairs to my website today as well!

Anyway money is not going to stress me out! There is another batch of clay cooling down in my kiln as we speak all of which are orders. I have had 2 requests for my lariat featured in "Making Jewellery" I am not repeating that design anymore, not because I don't like it but because I want it to stay unique. Both of the orders have requested different colour beads so they are individual still, despite being the same design! And I am having a night on the torch tonight as well so there will be more beadies later this week!

I am feeling a bit down about the forum thing at the mo so I think I may step out a bit. I am not really sure what or why but I don't feel like I belong sometimes! I think it is my own paranoia and there is definitely nothing major but maybe I have just let it become a bit to much part of my life and need to take a little step back. I still look in and out but maybe not as often!



  1. it's a shame you are feeling down about the forum , I feel that with a couple I belong to
    Your fingerprint jewellery and the leaf earrings are fab

  2. I think it will be fine just to much of a good thing perhaps and some space to find "me" a bit more. The guys are fab and I have some fantastic friends both virtual and real so I won't step out completely just limit my activity a bit I think!!!
    Thank you for your comments :-)

  3. Your silver jewellery is lovely, Sam, and I am so happy for you that the article in making jewellery gave results (very nice article, by the way - life has been so busy I have only just glimpsed through the mag) We all feel at times that we need to step back and come back to our own voice/style, and I hope there is nothing serious that makes you feel down. Forum life is a strange one; just because we sometimes don't get attention doesn't mean that we are not appreciated. Hope you feel better in spirit soon!

  4. Thank you Julie. Nothing serious going on just having a quiet few days I think! MAde loads of beads last night so hopefully get some piccies done today and post them. I have been full on in the "day job" for 5 weeks so maybe a bit of R&R is needed. Easter hols just round the corner yay!!!