Friday, 13 March 2009

Another weekend!

OMG another weekend already, honest I can't get over how fast time is flying. It is scary. 2 and half weeks and I should know what school Savannah has got into and it won't be long after and I will be buying her first school uniform. Honest I can't believe she is nearly ready to start school. Where does the time go?

I have had a good week with the business, sold quite a bit from the website which is always good. I have got jewellery to make for my party in April so it is nice to get the money together to buy more stock. Not only the good sales this week I have had the exposure from the magazines which really made my week. I have also been asked to put another tutorial together for issue 21 which I aim to do over this weekend. So it is all go on the tutorial front!

Today was also judging for "One Year On" for New Designer 2009. I will hear how I did from the 1st April so again a couple more weeks to wait. Not holding my breath but you never know!!!

I have made my first batch of macrame chokers that I blogged about a little while ago. See picture above, if you click the picture it should enlarge!!! I need to make some beads to fit them but I am quite pelased with them. They are not for sale yet but wil hopefully be available with a selection of beads by the end of the weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? If the weather is nice I am taking Savannah to the park tomorrow, going to let her play around and we can go looking for signs of spring, which reminds me I better charge up the video camera. Imogen is with her dad this weekend so just got the littleun to amuse!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing and I will see you soon


  1. Gosh you are a busy bee!! Snap for the tutorial for issue 21. Good luck for the New Designer award and with the school uniform hunting!! I hate it!! Billie just keeps on growing and it seems like I'm always buying the stuff!!!

  2. Oh I forgot come visit my blog for your AWARD!!