Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cure for insomina

Seriously my life is a little challenging right now. My hubby has a groin strain and is in quite a lot of pain. He can't have time off cos he does not get paid so he can't rest. He did manage 4 days but he is crap at sitting still. The pain is bad during the day but tolerable but at night he is in quite a bit of pain. Despite regular paracetamol and codeine he is still in pain. Consequently he is not sleeping very well. He does not sleep brilliantly at the best of times but the last two weeks have been particularly bad. He has actually got up on a couple of occasions at 2 am and 4 am to make the sandwiches for lunches the next day. Now me, courtesy of the prozac, can sleep for England and frequently do those of you who know me know how important my "nana" naps are to me ;-)
But what can I do, I have tried the whole bedtime routine thing, warm milky drink, relaxing etc. did not work, my neighbour has some Zopiclone and Tony had one last night (I know what you are all thinking don't shoot me we are desperate. anyway it did not even touch him!!!) I am thinking Nytol but if Zopiclone did not work will a herbal tablet which is not even monitored by the pharmaceutical industry so could be pressed talc for all I know.
I am at a loss I would love to hear your suggestions no matter how wierd and wacky cos we are quite desperate. I want to sleep without feeling guilty and Tony just wants to sleep. If someone suggests something and it works I may just send them a little gift to say massive thank you!!!
Sleep deprivation is the pits!



  1. Sorry hun, can't help you with any advice, cos I also sleep like a log!! Although having had a restless baby, I can totally sympathise with sleep deprivation. Fingers crossed he gets better soon. xx

  2. I have about 2 hours sleep a night, non of the over the counter/herbal pills work for me saying that even prozac doesn't make much difference I am often seen online from 2am onwards trying to find things boring enough to make me sleep. Have you tried paracetamol and a brufin together thats what was reccommended to DH when he strained himself

  3. have tried paracetamol and brufen but he is just not fab at taking meds I really have to push him...
    will try again i think!

  4. Erk, sounds awful, hope he feels better soon. I sleep badly too, the only thing I found that helped me when I was living in a noisy bedsit was a glass of Sherry before bed (although not with paracetomol!) Sounds like an old mans drink, but surprisingly effective as long as it's only one glass, more than that and you wake up parched!

  5. I hope this does not seem strange, but here is a way I break a cycle when my hip acts up and I can not sleep due to pain, course take the pain pills that is a given, but I start to lie to myself and my husband by saying that I sleep rather well, I say it out loud, I write it on papar and tape it to the mirror, I keep on remembering what it feels like when I do get a good night of sleep...

    I walk around saying wow I got a great night last night, when he askes did you sleep well, I say yup, it was great, about a full day of this passes and my sleep comes back, by the 3rd night I am full on sleeping, and anyone who askes I tell them how great I sleep, it works every time...and the cycle is broken...
    its like when I keep saying I can not sleep then for sure I will not...
    hope this helps...

  6. Jelveh, actually I don't think that is strange at all. I have done some research on insomnia and there is some evidence that thinking you are going to have a bad night compounds the problem so positive reinforcement sounds like a very good idea. I will let you know how we get on!
    SteamPunkglass, alcohol whilst not recommended actually also has a place we use it in palliative medicine little tot of whiskey at bedtime works a complete treat so sherry sounds worth a go as well!!!

    Thank you guys
    Sam ;-)

  7. Oh no poor dear!! My DH is quite bad at sleeping while the nytol does work some of the time (he suffers with a bad back as well as insomnia) he doesnt always know what to do with himself, he often gets up but I just dont hear him because I do sleep like a log myself. What Jelveh says is very interesting I can see that helping and I might pass that on to my DH too. Anything is worth a try, stress is his biggest trouble I think!!

    So thank you too.
    Elaine x