Sunday, 29 March 2009

Yay the return of Formula 1 and Jenson Button

I have always liked Jenson seems like a genuine nice guy, not that Lewis isn't cos he is fab as well but there is something about Jenson and I am well chuffed he has won the Australian Grand Prix. He looked so promising a few years back and then it all started to go wrong and 3 weeks ago he did not even know if he had a job! In steps Ross Brawn, what a guy and then to top it all off sponsorship from Richard Branson no less who is no muppet and wow a team to reckon with. Early days I know and Lewis should definitely not be written off but I am so chuffed for Jenson. Is there a possibility of 2 British drivers competeing for a F1 World Championship????

On the jewellery and beads front the kiln is on as we speak firing loads of art clay pieces for various commissions hopefully I will get up the studio tonight to get some beads made. Still got loads of jewellery to make for my party Friday, must get a move on!!!


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