Monday, 25 August 2008

Another washout Bank Holiday Weekend!

Still at least it did not rain down here anyway!!! Not really done much today but I have photographed my beads that are going up for sale in the shop in a few mins!
I am hoping to get a stand at The Big Bead Show in November I am waiting to see if there are any stands left for hire. Part of me really hopes so cos it would be a good experience and the other part of me thinks what the hell are you doing girl! Your beads are no way good enough to consider selling at an event like that. I really have to practise my self esteem thing and confidence. Beads are selling from my website and feedback has been positive - if you have bought beads from me please let me know what you think. I can take it honest....

Anyway, plans for the week coming are to spend some time with the family. OH has 4 days off and it is back to school and work next week, my how these last few weeks have flown by. 4 months today is Christmas Day.....and another year nearly gone. It is scary how time flies, what is even more scary is that my 11 year old says the same thing!

Right got some beads to list!! Go have a look or follow the link from the right hand side of this page!


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  1. Your new silver core beads are lovely especially Rebekah and Skyla. Hope you get a stall at the Big Bead Fair and I may see you there. Stop putting yourself down!

    Elaine (ChatElaine)