Thursday, 14 August 2008

Day one...

After a bit of a speaking to by our bank manager and some financial streamlining (!!!) my OH and me have had to get very strict with our money!!! The Sky package has been severely trimmed back (much to the eldest daughter's disgust!!! OMG no more high school musical!) and many other things lost for a while! Gonna be hard to cut back like we need to but it has to be done, going part time is gonna hurt finacially and we all live to our means and ours are about to reduce a lot! Still the lifestyle changes we are gonna have to make can only be for the better and it will help us to teach the girls some money sense, something I lack!
The bank reckon a strict year should see us sorted for the better so today is day 1!!! 363 (or is it 364 !!!) to go. I am not going to bore you with a daily countdown but I reckon the first few months will be the hardest especially with Christmas bearing down on us! and the temptation to spend like idiots!!! Still it can only be for the best and will ensure security for the girls later on!!!

Other news...I have sold another bead this week so things continue to plod along gently with my website I am tagging these posts with various ways of spelling aurorabeadz in the hope of raising my Google ratings! Lets see how that goes!! I have also got a Flickr account (not sure if I have told you this or not!!!) but the link is at the top of the blog page! Full of piccies of me beads! Not sure if I will get any bead time tonight the clock is whizzing along already be 9 before the kiln is up to temp already so maybe leave it till tomorrow night!

Anyway enough burble!!! catch ya later


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