Saturday, 9 August 2008

It's raining again....

It's bloomin well raining again. Poor kids on their summer hols and the weather is not so fab. Still I think it is better than last year!!! Eldest daughter was hoping to spend time in front of the TV but evil mother made her go and tidy her room! She has now enlisted the assistance of the boys from next door who are actually quite good at cleaning up so she can kick back and watch them do the work. Atta girl!!!

Got some beads made yesterday and just cleaned them up (my reward for doing some serious housework for once!!!) thought I would post picture for you! it's not a fab picture, hubby is the "David Bailey" in this house but you get the idea!!! Going on the site in next couple of days for sale! These beads are very much inspired by the work of Sarah Hornik. You can find her blog here her work is awesome and she has shared some of her "secrets". I never realised that Rubino Oro (the pink glass!) was a spreader and caused this effect and I love it! I also really love pink and grey together! Gonna try other colours later!
Right more housework beckons so best be off.

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