Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What is the matter with me!!!

Right I am not going to bore you with crap from my life to much but I am struggling with depression (a bit!). Here is where the conflict lies...Am I actually depressed or not? When you look at the "traditional" definition of depression I don't think it encapsulates me! I was once told that I was the happiest depressed person they had ever met!!!! But I have a set of symptoms that come up and down and at the moment they are up! I withdraw, I cannot get motivated and my anger is something else! I have to pull myself together but that is tough when all I want to do is cry!

Anyway, I told you I was not going to bore you so I am going to try and move away from that subject! No beading for the past couple of days but I hope to rectify that tonight! I have been watching quite a bit of the Olympic games and I have a bit of an idea for a Team GB set! (Is that sad!!!) really just following the themes of red white and blue but I thought it apt to call it Team GB or perhaps if they become individual Belita beads (silver core beads) then I may well give them individual names! Rebecca (Adlington), Chris (Hoy), Victoria (Pendleton) and Louis (Smith) spring to mind intially! Lets see what transpires! Our sportsmen and women have done outstandingly well and I believe we are on the way to having one of our most successful games!

I don't consider myself majorly patriotic but things like this are important and we need to get behind our team, they work hard to get where they are and deserve some recognition. Quite frankly I would rather support them and make personalities out of them that these "boil in the bag" celebrities like those in Big Brother! Best I don't get going on that topic eh!!!

Right "Wonderpets" is calling me, time for a bit of quiet time with my youngest daughter so I am off for my afternoon nap!! (OMG and I am only 36, having an afternoon nap already!)


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