Monday, 11 August 2008

Where it all began!!!

These are the very first beads that I made back in July last year! Cool eh!!!
Had a bit of a stressful day!!! My OH forgot to sort out his van insurance so it fell to yours truly to sort it out this morning. Because today is the renewal date the request for some £400 has already gone through to the bank account and I can't stop it!!! Arrggghhhh! why can't it be stopped? Because it is not a direct debit!!! Well that'll teach us to be more organised now gotta wait for the money to be debited and then claim it back! For goodness sake what a complete inconvenience! Anyway insurance sorted now!
Eldest daughter (11) has finally agreed to having her hair cut into a decent hairstyle! Bless her she was adamant that she did not want a fringe but actually it looks quite fab! Will see if I can get photo up sometime!
I got a few sets of beads made over the weekend and hopefully photographing then tonight or tomorrow so should be up on the website by Wednesday morning. Check it out (that is all one word and z not s!!!).
I sold another Belita Bead (my silver core beads) this weekend which always makes me happy. I have cored 6 more today but gotta polish them yet so should get them photographed later as well.
Oh well, youngest daughter is not going to sleep so I best go off and amuse her! Catch ya later!

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