Sunday, 17 August 2008

music to torch to...

I have discovered that I need music to torch to!!! Muse, Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode, The Feeling, these seem to produce the best results!!! How very bizarre! Still if it helps then who am I to go against it eh!!!.

As you can see the "Dotty Mayhem" series continues! I am really enjoying practicing my dot placement and think that at last I have some dotty beads to be proud of. I have sold one of my sets so I am hopeful for the other 2 and who knows how many more will come along. It is a fab way of exploring colour combinations and very good for me to practice as I have quite shaky hands and this helps me to control it! These beads are going to be available for sale once the proper pictures are done. I will get a few more sets together so probabaly the end of the week before they go up! I went for a bike ride with my youngest yesterday and we rode along the sea shore and the sea was shades of green with a blue sky (and loads of cloud!) but hence the colour choice of periwinkle and teal. This colour combination works very well anyway so I went with it!!!

I have also managed to squeeze in some Olympics whilst I have been tootling around! I love the rowing and the cycling but have completely got into the swimming as well. Rebecca Adlington was supreme in the pool and will be worth watching in 2012.

anyway must dash!


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